Cygling Explorers Sorrento

We want to accompany you on a bike through the wonders of Sorrento.

Our mission?

Cycling Explorers was created to offer a mainly 360-degree bike tour service where the tourist or participant who decides to rely on us can pedal safely along our streets together with our team of guides and assistants who will never leave him alone.

We will take care of everything, from the bike and accessories to the pick up directly at the facility and to the meeting point.
The tours you find are designed as experiences suitable for everyone, regardless of level and ability.
These are thematic/localized areas in which we can adapt and create the tour based on specific needs. Our recommendation is to always be honest and aware of your level, so that we can create the best possible experience for you. The terrain, climate and physical-mental conditions of the explorer can influence the choice of the most suitable route at the time of the trip.
It is important for the participant to choose an area (convenient or of interest) and define the time available. Depending on the individual training status verified by the Guide in the initial check, it will be possible to estimate the distances and the degree of difficulty that can be tackled in peace.
Although monuments and/or particular events are mentioned in the itineraries, the latter do not replace a good tourist guide, therefore please refer to them for further information. Excursions can be planned to reach the attraction before or at the end of the trip, in some cases to make a stop along the way.
Those who are accompanied do not have to worry about “finding” the way. Following a person on a bicycle is much easier and more fun than following a map or a cycle computer. The guide anticipates and explains the characteristics of the route, encouraging smooth and safe driving. The same route can have variants with different degrees of difficulty, which is why the excursion is not identified with a single symbol.
In group outings the weakest member determines the pace, however we try to form homogeneous groups when participating individually in common outings.

Ride safely

Join one of our adventures and clear your mind: once in the saddle you just have to enjoy the experience!

Passion for cycling

Biking is our passion, the team is made up of experts with decades of experience

360° tour

The tours are designed to be complete packages, the customer is only required to show up and ride!

Aimed at everyone

From the least experienced tourist to the most capable athlete, everyone can participate in our excursions

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